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Subsidy advice for energy and resource efficiency

Sustainability as an indicator for behaving responsibly is now an integral part of most companies’ strategy.

Accordingly, these companies must also implement legal requirements for sustainable management. At the same time, the expectations of both customers and consumers are increasing: sustainability should not only be expressed in efforts, but also implemented through concrete projects.

Finding the right one from 4000 funding programmes on energy and sustainability

Therefore, the transformation pressure on companies is great, and comes from different directions. At the same time, however, companies are confronted with a vast range of up to 4,000 different funding programmes at state, federal and EU level. So, it is not surprising that it is hard to obtain a general overview of these programmes.

Our experienced WESSLING engineers for subsidy consulting in the field of energy and sustainability are there for companies that, out of legal obligation or of their own accord, want to bring their sustainability projects and their desire for increased efficiency into implementation.

Accredited energy consultants “Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Economy”

Our experts are accredited and listed energy consultants with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE). They are also listed as experts with the German Energy Agency (DENA).

For agricultural enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from industry as well as for large enterprises, our experts have already successfully supported a large number of projects in the areas of energy efficiency, process optimisation and innovations and thus made them eligible for funding. We will find the right funding programme for your project.

We provide support in identifying suitable measures and check the funding landscape for potentially suitable funding programmes. Our experts will then support you in the application process. If required, we will create the appropriate savings concept for you. This concept can only be created by an accredited energy consultant “Energy and Resource Efficiency in Business - Module 4”. Our consultants have the relevant licences.

In this way, we accompany you entirely according to your individual needs, from the beginning to the subsidy application to the completion of your respective project.

Your contact person to our experts for subsidy advice

Gerrit Körner
„Let's promote sustainability together. We will show you how also your company or project can benefit from public funding.“

What does a common application procedure look like? This is what to look out for:

Frequently asked questions about subsidy advice

Why do I need the expertise of energy efficiency experts?

Our energy efficiency experts meet the high standards that specialists in highly efficient optimisation and refurbishment measures as well as operational energy consultations must fulfil. They provide professional, independent and neutral consulting and accompany the implementation of the energy efficiency measures. In this way, they ensure professional implementation. They also help you to identify the savings potential of your process and building and to make optimal use of federal funding for your project.

Is my project eligible for funding?

You have come to the right place for the answer to this question! For us to be able to assess your individual project in concrete terms, please send us a brief description of them by e-mail. You are also welcome to contact us by phone, all details can be found here on this page. One of our consultants will then contact you for a more in-depth discussion.

What distinguishes the expert opinion of our WESSLING experts?

With around 4,000 funding programmes for energy and sustainability, it is important to keep up to date at all times! Thanks to a broad network in combination with a smooth flow of information, our experts always have the latest information on your funding opportunities. Our energy and resource efficiency experts deliberately work in different subject areas. As a result, they have acquired a wide range of industries and companies that they have had the privilege of accompanying on their way to resource and energy efficiency. The routine they have acquired allows our experts to quickly and reliably identify issues that are essential for your project. We have already successfully completed a large number of projects. Upon request, we will be happy to present you with reference projects. Please contact us!

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