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Legal compliance check: regulatory conformity for your company

In complex decisions, the company management is always also responsible for adhering to the specifications of environmental, energy and occupational health and safety law.

WESSLING experts during the compliance check

With a legal compliance check and audit, our experts support you in systematically determining and adhering to the growing number of environmental and occupational health and safety regulations, as well as the regulations of the employer's liability insurance association for your company.

Companies are very familiar with the regulations of their core business. The situation is often different in the case of environmental law requirements and legal regulations in the field of occupational safety and health protection. This is where legal compliance checks, corresponding audits or management systems come into play. Legal compliance means that companies adhere to legal specifications in all areas. This also applies to foreign branches, which have to adapt to the law applicable there.

Legal security through systematic legal compliance checks

The systematic legal compliance check by WESSLING is an established tool for detecting possible deviations and deriving measures tailored to your company with plants, procedures or processes. The recommendations provide you with the basis for recognising action potential to sustainably optimise structures and processes. The legal register enables you to show interested third parties such as supervisory authorities that you are determining and meeting the requirements.

Your contact for the topic of compliance

Gerrit Körner
„As an entrepreneur, you must observe the legal requirements of your industry and, at the same time, keep an eye on environmental law aspects and the occupational safety of your employees. We support you with our legal compliance checks and audits.“

Results and goals of the legal compliance check

We carry out an assessment of the actual situation (LC audit) on site. The regulations and necessary duties to act can be documented transparently in a site-specific legal register. Not least within the framework of the various management systems, this is proof that the company has introduced and implemented a procedure. Each register is therefore an individual solution with different information depth, into which an approval register can be integrated.

To ensure sustainable success above and beyond the audit and legal register, we regularly train your responsible employees and offer an update service for the legal register. The legal register is thus the basis for specific action recommendations and measures.

Our range of services:

  • Legal compliance audits
  • Legal register/approval register
  • Legal register update service
  • Authorities management
  • Employee workshops and training
  • Development of procedures/processes

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