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Wastewater technology consulting for industry and commerce

The multi-layered potential of optimised water use and efficient wastewater treatment is often not recognised.

Industrial wastewater in clarifier of a sewage treatment plant

Our services in the field of wastewater consulting for industry and commerce range from the identification of savings to monitoring authorities management.

Wastewater utilisation – demand-oriented concepts not only for industrial wastewater

We conduct qualified tests in our laboratories, support you in complying with the strict legal regulations for wastewater quality and also optimise your water use.

Industrial wastewater – our solutions for your needs

Industrial wastewater, in particular, is contaminated with various pollutants, such as solids, dissolved heavy metals or organic material, during a wide range of production processes.

To enable you to dispose of your industrial wastewater in compliance with the law, we offer you holistic wastewater engineering advice. To achieve an optimal result for our business partners, we not only conduct our analysis individually for each company, but frequently for each process step. We at WESSLING treat each plant individually and develop a concept according to their specific needs.

Your contact person for advice on wastewater technology

Timo Wobbe
„My goal is to uncover your optimisation potential in wastewater treatment and disposal. This will enable you to optimise processes, ensure a high quality of your process water and save costs. Please do not hesitate to contact me.“

Our consulting services in the field of wastewater technology

  • Analysis of the operational situation, recording of the relevant energy, water and wastewater flows, balancing (specific consumption, freight, costs, etc.)
  • Presentation of the data obtained or creation of wastewater cadastres
  • Wastewater quality assessment
  • Trustworthy partnership for consulting and high-performance laboratory analysis and sampling
  • Development of concepts and solutions for the avoidance, reduction and recycling of residual flows and wastewater
  • Optimisation of the treatment performance of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Identification of suitable wastewater treatment processes for industrial wastewater
  • Calculation and design of small wastewater treatment plants
  • Support in the approval process (indirect, direct discharge of wastewater)
  • Negotiations with authorities, wastewater associations, etc. on licensing issues, conditions, and discharge requirements as well as contribution and fee issues
  • Determination of production-related water losses and presentation to authorities and associations to reduce wastewater costs
  • Expert opinions in the event of operational malfunctions and disputes (corrosion, material attack, contamination, etc.)

Wastewater analysis

Wastewater needs to be treated before being returned to the water cycl

Our team of experts offer municipalities and companies specific solutions for the analysis of wastewater plants.

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The analysis of WESSLING reveals optimisation potentials

Process water

WESSLING advises companies in the field of process water

Through optimised processes for your water, you save costs, minimise resource consumption and comply with legal requirements.

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Testing water samples

Micropollutants in water

Analysis of trace substances in the nanogram range

Even trace substance concentrations of medicines, cosmetics and pesticides pollute our water. WESSLING offers comprehensive special analysis of organic trace substances.

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Wastewater analysis 1 / 3

New Sheath Ordinance has been in force now!

Excavator digs excavation

Our experts will advise project developers, planners, clients, and contractors on the implementation.

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