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Sheath Ordinance: This has changed since August 1st for project developers, planners, clients, and contractors

The Sheath Ordinance has been in force since August 1st. Experts had to wait for a long time for uniform federal regulations on the handling of mineral substitute building materials and for the amendment of the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance  and the amendments to the Landfill Ordinance and Commercial Waste Ordinance.

Excavator digs excavation

Amendment of the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance and changes to the Landfill Ordinance: Our experts will be happy to advise you!

To ensure that there are no delays in your construction projects in the future, the WESSLING experts offer you comprehensive know-how in the implementation of the innovations. Our experts have closely observed the years-long process of creating the new regulation, so they are very familiar with the innovations. It is therefore possible for us to advise you comprehensively on this.

Furthermore, we offer in-house seminars on Sheath Ordinance with the following main topics:

  • General introduction
  • Examination of soil material and dredged material: New investigation obligations: Excavation/installation site
  • Substitute Building Materials Ordinance
    • Receipt control
    • Material and monitoring values
    • New requirements for analyses
    • Mobile construction waste processing plants
    • Reporting, storage and documentation obligations
  • Recycling of materials
    • Technical structures (standard construction methods)
    • Soil-like reutilisation
  • Classification of materials according to the Substitute Building Materials and Landfill Ordinance
  • Substantial changes in content
  • Federal Soil Protection Ordinanace test values - What is new?
  • Transitional arrangements: Substitute Buidling Materials Ordinance and Federal Soil Protection Ordinance
  • Impact on projects in the planning stage
  • Strategies for avoiding additional costs

The introduction to the topic will be given by our expert Christoph Wortmann, a recognised expert according to Section 18 Federal Soil Protection Ordinance, who has closely observed the years-long process surrounding the creation of the new ordinance and translates it into practice for you.

Your contact

Christoph Wortmann
„I am at your disposal for any questions about the Sheath Ordinance and further information about our in-house seminars. Together we determine the thematic priorities for your seminar!”“

New Sheath Ordinance has been in force now!

Excavator digs excavation

Our experts will advise project developers, planners, clients, and contractors on the implementation.

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