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Nanomaterials – consulting, analysis and assessment

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of nanoanalysis, we advise customers in the cosmetics, textile, electrical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We focus on nanoanalytical investigations, safe handling of nanomaterials in production and on all legal issues.

Analyses for Micoplastic

In addition, we characterise nanomaterials by precise analysis and determine whether a material, a raw material for example, is present as a nanomaterial.

Nanomaterials are playing an increasingly important role in industry,due to the fact that they give products new properties that are not possible with the same materials when their particle size is of a higher order of magnitude. Health and environmental protection, and hence the safe handling of nanomaterials, are also becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers, the processing industry and users of nanomaterials have a responsibility to ensure a high safety standard for consumers and employees.

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of nanoanalysis, WESSLING experts can provide you with competent advice and support with a wide range of services. The focus is on highly qualified consulting and analysis services specifically geared towards your individual requirements.

WESSLING expertise for nanoanalytical investigations

The characterisation of nanomaterials requires a combination of different analysis techniques that depend on the particular question under consideration. Parameters such a size, form and structure as well as size-dependent photonic properties and chemical composition play a big role in quality assurance.

Characterisation of nanomaterials

The investigation of nanomaterials in different matrices, for example cosmetics, is very demanding. Based on our excellent network with universities and institutes, we are also able to solve complex and challenging problems. Nanomaterials can be present in the form of particles or fibres. At least one dimension is smaller than 100 nanometres. By way of comparison: the ratio between a nanoparticle and a football is about the same as that between a football and the Earth.

Our specific nanoanalysis techniques

  • Scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM/EDX)
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM/EDX)
  • Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • Laser diffraction (static light scattering) according to ISO 13320-1
  • Nanoparticle sizer (SMPS) (measurement of airborne particles)

Our services

  • Material and particle analysis: physical and chemical characterisation on a micro- and nanometre scale
  • Chemical safety: Consulting on nanomaterials with regard to REACH
  • Support in the assessment of nanomaterials according to the legal requirements applicable to, for example, cosmetic products and foodstuffs
  • Advice on activities with nanomaterials according to TRGS 527
  • Monitoring of indoor air quality, including ultrafine particles (UFP)
  • Project-based development of new methods for the identification of nanomaterials in the environment (waste water, surface water, fine dust, UFP)
  • Ecotoxicological analysis according to ISO standards and OECD guidelines

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Andre Schmitz
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