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Professional preparation of wastewater registers

In recent years there have been numerous changes in European water law, reflected in the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and, most recently, in the EU Green Deal. In addition, industry-specific BAT or BREF codes of practice are regularly developed and adopted. As a result, national wastewater ordinances are currently subject to constant change, so that the wastewater register has become the central element of operational wastewater management.

Industrial wastewater in clarifier of a sewage treatment plant

Wastewater producers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, chip and textile industries are required by the German Wastewater Ordinance (AbwV) to compile an operational wastewater register and submit it to the responsible water authority. The register serves as evidence that all water law requirements have been met and includes a description and documentation of the respective wastewater flows and their flow paths. Special attention must be paid to reviewing the use of resources and the concentration of different substances and heavy metals. Our experts have decades of experience in the preparation of wastewater registers and industrial wastewater treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Preparation of wastewater registers for various industries

Chemical Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Chip Production Textile Industry
Wastewater from plants producing substances, mixtures, solutions, or filling quantities Wastewater from plants producing or processing medical substances Wastewater from plants for chip production or upstream/downstream processing Wastewater from textile processing, treatment or finishing
Annex 22 AbwV Annex 22 AbwV Annex 35 AbwV Annex 38 AbwV

Overview of our services

Processing and analysis of the entire operational wastewater network, recording of the relevant wastewater flows and balancing

  • Sampling of wastewater flows
  • Process-oriented analysis
  • Process flow diagrams

Preparation of operational wastewater and indirect discharger registers

  • Implementation of the requirements of the wastewater ordinance (AbwV)
  • Complementing customer requirements

Continuous updating of operational wastewater, or indirect discharger registers

Advice on process optimisation for process engineering plants

Your contact person for the preparation of wastewater registers

Timo Wobbe

New Sheath Ordinance has been in force now!

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Our experts will advise project developers, planners, clients, and contractors on the implementation.

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