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Quality control of fuels through CO2 monitoring and analysis

Fossil fuels are becoming scarcer and more expensive. Substitute and secondary fuels that can be obtained from waste from households, commerce and industry are therefore an increasingly interesting economic alternative for companies. The use of these fuels not only conserves resources, but also contributes to a reduction of CO2. The experts at WESSLING support companies at this point with analysis and advice on the quality control of the fuels used, and on CO2 monitoring.

Waste disposal and recycling

WESSLING is your partner for the quality control of fuels

Cement manufacturers, power plants and energy-intensive raw material producers are increasingly relying on more climate-friendly energy sources. It is important to monitor the quality of the substitute and secondary fuels precisely and continuously to always have maximum certainty about their environmental compatibility. WESSLING has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and fuel analysis, which we provide in our specialised laboratory while maintaining the highest quality standards.

An overview of our services:


  • Examination of loss on ignition, dry residue, and ash contents
  • Elemental analyses of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine
  • Determination of the heating and calorific value
  • Investigation of the biogenic share to determine the emission factors
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Analysis of organic pollutants, including PCDD/F, PAH, PCB, BTEX, CHC, EOX, cyanides, PCP, chlorobenzenes.
  • Waste fractionation


  • Support with CO2 monitoring
  • Technical advice, for example, on compliance with standards
  • Advice on the range of analyses

Quality audits

We carry out quality audits for our customers. You can find more information about our accreditation* here. Our laboratory regularly participates successfully in quality assurance round robin tests and is a reference laboratory for renowned cement manufacturers. In addition, WESSLING is one of the testing laboratories recognised and listed by BGS (Quality Association for Secondary Fuels and Recycled Wood) in accordance with RAL quality marks 724 and 727.

We always tailor our highly qualified analysis and consulting services precisely to the needs of our customers.

* Testing laboratory accredited by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. The accreditation is only valid for the scope of accreditation listed in the annex to the certificate [D-PL-14162-01-00].

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