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Radon measurements: new Radiation Protection Act imposes obligations on waterworks operators

With the new Radiation Protection Act, new obligations regarding occupational health and safety have also been imposed on plant operators involved in water extraction, treatment, and distribution in accordance with section 127. According to this, the person responsible for occupational safety at workplaces must have radon measurements carried out and documented over a period of twelve months. WESSLING assists plant operators at this point with indoor air measurements.

Industrial wastewater in clarifier of a sewage treatment plant

New reference value as per Radiation Protection Act

If the measurements carried out over a year show that the average radon activity concentrations in indoor air exceed 300 Bq/m³, measures must be taken to reduce these concentrations. Following this, regular effectiveness checks must also be conducted so that adjustments can quickly be made, if necessary, to protect employees. These control measurements are carried out again over a period of another twelve months. If the radon activity concentrations in the indoor air are still above 300 Bq/m³ after the second measurements, the workplace must be reported to the authority in charge.

The trained employees at WESSLING will assist plant operators

  • with indoor air measurements for radon including control measurements
  • in the evaluation of the measurement results and reporting
  • with advice regarding measures to be derived for the reduction of indoor radon gas
  • with communication with the competent authority

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New Sheath Ordinance has been in force now!

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Our experts will advise project developers, planners, clients, and contractors on the implementation.

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