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Safety and occupational health coordinator – safety and health protection at your construction site

Depending on the type, scope and duration of a construction project, the owner of the building is obliged to appoint a safety and occupational health coordinator (German: SiGeKo) and to prepare a safety and occupational health plan (German: SiGePlan) according to the German Construction Site Ordinance, BauStellV 07/1998. As construction projects are becoming increasingly complex, the implementation of a SiGe coordinator is more the rule than the exception.

WESSLING takes over the tasks of a SiGeKo for you and creates an individually tailored SiGePlan for your construction project based on our many years of experience.

Security across all phases of your construction project

In the planning phase, we prepare the relevant planning documents based on the specifications anchored in the Construction Site Ordinance.

During the execution phase, our SiGeKos ensure the application of the principles according to Section 4 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the monitoring of the proper application of work procedures by the employers. We carry out regular site inspections and inspections of the safety equipment, document any defects found and supervise their elimination.

The SiGePlan is visualised with the best standards; employees and occupational health and safety officers are competently trained, and regular site inspections ensure the implementation of appropriate safety measures. Cooperation with the supervisory authorities and the building trade association is also proactively pursued. This ensures that safe work is carried out on the structure from the beginning with the planning phase. In the execution phase, the measures are specifically adapted and have an effect in the utilisation phase.

Our experts provide a comprehensive range of services for building owners:

  • Verification of compliance with the client’s obligations, including an assessment report
  • Mandatory and necessary advance notice and proactive management
  • Specifications for supplements to the invitation to tender and award of contract
  • SiGePlan with special software
  • Instruction of employees
  • Provision of the SiGeKo
  • Visualising inspection reports
  • Documentation for subsequent safety
  • Participation in construction meetings for active communication
Workers in the project implementation

Complementary competences for SiGeKo work:

  • Recording of building contaminants as a tendering risk
  • Safety in pollutant remediation
  • Demolition planning
  • Operational advice on chemical safety and occupational safety
  • Fire protection inspections
  • Recording of possible emissions from indoor products
  • Assessment of the sustainability of building products
  • Securing certified, sustainable buildings
  • Sustainable construction site management
  • Compliance with building site and traffic regulations
  • Securing the escape and rescue route plan

Your contact to our SiGeKo experts

New Sheath Ordinance has been in force now!

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Our experts will advise project developers, planners, clients, and contractors on the implementation.

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