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VDI recommendation for higher corona protection: effectively reducing indoor viruses

Particularly since the beginning of the corona pandemic, there has been a high demand for effectiveness tests of mobile air purifiers. They are increasingly being used in offices and meeting rooms, doctors’ surgeries, administrations, schools, and day-care centres for better virus protection. Of course, the focus is on the question of how effective the air purifiers are and by what standards this can be measured. The VDI has now published the new VDI Expert Recommendation (EE) 4300 Sheet 14 – “Measuring Indoor Air Pollution - Requirements for Mobile Air Purifiers to Reduce Aerosol-Borne Transmission of Infectious Diseases”. The experts at WESSLING conduct tests in compliance with the new VDI recommendation.

indoor air filter
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For the first time, a uniform and practical test procedure for mobile room air cleaners is defined and requirements for an effective reduction of the virus load are described. This stipulates, for example, that the tests be carried out in a real environment (furnished rooms). The paper was prepared by independent specialists from the DIN Commission “Clean Air” and the VDI Society “Building and Building Technology (BGB)”.

WESSLING performs the following services in compliance with the new VDI EE 4300 Sheet 14:

Testing of indoor air purifiers

  • Temporal detection of the particle number concentration at three different indoor locations using the room air purifier
  • Determination of the separation performance according to defined periods as a basis for evaluation

Indoor air purifier management

  • Installation position in the room
  • Adjustment options and operating status control
  • Filter change and maintenance

On request, we can also issue a certificate confirming the separation performance of the unit in accordance with VDI Expert Recommendation 4300 Sheet 14. We also test the units in furnished test rooms at WESSLING.

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